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Before you can send a message to one of the Tomcat lists, you must subscribe to thatlist. If you try to send a message to a list from an e-mail address that is not 

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The RIPE NCC manages several mailing lists that are open to the RIPE NCC membership or the RIPE community.

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Contact includes easy-to-use Email Mailing tools to help manage your Email Mailing marketing lists. Start free today!

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Q: How do I send a message to an email list? A: You address your message to the list: To: Q: How do I subscribe to an email list? A: There 

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Sep 18, 2013 – You can use contact groups to organize your contacts and as personalmailing lists—to send email messages or meeting invitations to groups 

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Overview There are a few things to consider when creating a mailing list at the University of Kansas. Currently Information Technology offers two different list 

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mailing list is simply a list of addresses to which the same information is being sent. If you were a magazine publisher, you would have a list of the mailing 

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Note: This option is available only to list owners who have previously created a list with their current logged in Email Mailing address. Log into 

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